Transforming beautiful women into exquisitely detailed ‘luxury models’ since 1992 

What’s your pleasure?  At Hair Garage, we offer an extensive menu of hair tune-ups, hair repairs, hair painting, nail tuneups, body work and wax detailing services to make you look and feel amazing.

How do we do it?  Our veteran Hair Mechanics and Esthetic Detailers are experts in the art and science of cut, color, and style.  They’re passionate about what they do and equally passionate about your satisfaction. 

The Hair Garage ‘pit crew’ does much more than just give your hair a quick tune-up.  Your makeover team will take the time to listen to you and work with you to create a unique look that’s yours and yours alone.  There’s no ‘assembly line’ mentality in our salon!

We do funky, chic, sleek, simple, and conservative too.  So whether you’re a new model that’s just rolled off the assembly line, a well-maintained vintage model, or something in between, you can depend on Hair Garage to treat you like the high-quality, luxury model you are.

So motor on in to Hair Garage.  We promise that you’ll roll out of our salon looking like a million dollars…making heads turn as you cruise down life’s roads.

Call (780) 476-4066 to make an appointment today. 

P.S. We are recruiting new and young stylist to joint our fun and carreer building Salon. Email us your resume.

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